Our Mission and Philosophy

The Mission of our company is the advancement of our clients, increasing their competitiveness and level of innovation in the Polish market and in the European Union. The philosophy of our business is providing clear and transparent project proposals for our clients, maximizing their economic benefit, contributing to the development of their companies.


We are an experienced team with many years of practice, gained through working with Polish and international companies. Our clients can expect concrete services in the areas of: design of technical solutions, project management, process optimization, acquisition of European Union funds, implementation of IT projects.


All our activities are aimed at building the long term value of the company through: Providing the highest quality of products and services. Delivering value to our customers in a manner that allows for their maximum growth. We follow the philosophy of sustainable development in our company and take care of the natural environment and our local surroundings.

Research and Development

One of the main pillars of the company’s philosophy is continuous development, therefore we are not afraid of change and systematically take steps to improve our business in all aspects. We actively seek innovative solutions, we are not afraid of novelty. Our products include the best solutions available, unique on the world market.

Quality Design

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service. We carry out projects within the optimal time, being competitive in price. We offer our customers with a guarantee for our products and the implementation of our energy solutions

About us

Vivende was founded with the aim of providing comprehensive services for the production of electricity based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The company offers Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) with power up to 20 kW, power generators, towers up to 30 m, water ogygenarating. Our company offers also project management and projects preparation. Our proposal allows the average agriculture company, small enterprises and households to meet their electrical needs and become independent from traditional energy suppliers. Our products and in this our wind turbines can be installed in heavily urbanized areas. They can be mounted on the roofs of various structures as well as mounted on specially prepared masts or tower.

Get to know us

Anna Gilewska


Krzysztof Tkaczyk

Project Manager

Maciej Szegda

Financial Director

Bogusław Grądzki

Technical Director

Arkadiusz Kliś

EU Project Coordinator


We have many years of experiences on the Polish market and in Europe. Change management in these times of financial crisis constitutes one of the main pillars of running a business.


The operation of the wind turbine is based on the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind into kinetic energy of the rotor. This is accomplished by using a set of suitably shaped and positioned blades which set the rotor in motion. The most important element of the wind turbine are its blades. If you are interested in the full specifications of our products click the link below.

Technical Parameters

EU Funds

We understand the specific needs of innovative companies. We are a company that has competence in the field of management accounting, financial accounting, project management, cost optimization and acquisition of EU subsides. Our experience in acquiring EU subsidies enables us to prepare the optimal proposal for you and your company. Our goal is to present our proposal in a clear manner, taking into account the specificity of your company. We always present a variety of options and recommendations. We make an effort to minimize the cost for the customer – our remuneration depends on the success of the project prepared. Our approach is to use all available technological tools to customize the offer to meet individual needs. We have successfully completed several large European Union projects.

Download the EU Financial Model