VIV 3 kW Turbine

Turbine parameters W3-3 1
Swept Area 9 m2
Rated power 3 kW
Maxiumum power 3,5 kW
Turbine diameter 3 m
Blades' height 3 m
Start-up speed 2 m/s
Rated Wind Speed 10 m/s
Cut-off speed 25 m/s
RPM max. 136
Total weight 350 kg
Average annual production * 5 MWh
CO2 emission saving ** 3t
Turbine type Vertical - rotor H
Three-phase generator PMG 62,4Hz
Generator voltage 400 V
Transmission Generator on the turbine axis
Wind turbine material Aluminum/steel
Break Electromagnetic
Inverter 3-phase efficiency 95%
Anti-corrosion protection Yes
Noise Level *** Below the norm
Accordance to the norm CE, ICE 61400-2