About us

Vivende - company established to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of sustainable development. Research and Development in our company are a significant component that allows the implementation of new products and services in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and Agriculture - innovative solutions for beekeeping, irrigation, and cattle breeding.
Vivende combines product and service development with environmental and sustainability optimization. We are ready to support the development of our clients by bringing our know-how. Thanks to our close cooperation with the scientific community in Poland and abroad, we have constant access to research and specialist knowledge. Together with our interdisciplinary team we can meet specific challenges.

What we do

Vivende is a company established to provide comprehensive solutions for the production of electricity based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES). We have our own solutions and products: wind turbines, generators, trackers, energy storage solutions.

We have innovative solutions in the field of beekeeping, irrigation, feed production with the use of algae, and cattle breeding. We have the appropriate resources to conduct Research and Development.
In order to provide comprehensive services to our clients, we deliver consulting services in the field of acquiring EU funds, environmental and energy consulting. We support start-ups, conduct and implement R&D services. We are a team with many years of experience in Polish and international companies. We use proven methods of project management.

Our team:

Krzysztof Tkaczyk


Tomasz Kozakowski

RES specialist

Jarosław Siebert


Aniela White

International cooperation

Tomasz Staszewski

Network for business

Krzysztof Skirucha


Adam Koniuszy

Research & Development

Małgorzata Hawrot-Paw

Research & Development