Products offered:

  1. Solutions for RES

    We have dedicated solutions for RES

  2. Solutions dedicated

    Our solutions are dedicated to customer requirements

  3. Communication towers

    We use our masts and vertical turbines. A green energy system connected by data transmission. Thanks to our solution: we have an independent communication network, we can support rescue systems, we contribute to the development of tourism.

  4. Use of algae for the disposal of slurry

    Innovative technology of slurry utilization using microalgae, taking into account the reduction of ammonia emission to the environment, with simultaneous indication of the method of utilization of all by-products generated during the process, including: dry fraction of slurry, grey water and microalgae biomass. Our solution results from the need to manage a significant amount of slurry associated with the intensification of animal production. It is a source of significant amounts of nutrients, which during the fertilization of slurry get into the soil and water, which can have a negative impact on the ecosystem (eutrophication, reduction of biodiversity). During manure storage ammonia and nitrogen oxides are emitted, causing acid rain.

  5. BazarEko

    The aim of the operation is to create a group of producers aiming at production and sale of local food under one logo based mainly on production of natural honey and vegetables. Due to the unique properties of honey produced in ecologically clean regions and the use of natural heathland it has been decided that the group should be composed of the region of Western Pomerania - under the logo BazarEko Miody Borneńskie will be promoted.