Renewable energy sources:

Vivende is a company established to provide with solutions for the production of electricity based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The company's offer includes:

  1. A wind turbine:

    The principle of operation of Vivende wind turbines is based on the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind into the kinetic energy of the rotor. This is done by a set of suitably shaped and positioned blades which make the rotor rotate. They were developed as profiles modelled on the shape of aero profiles of an airplane wing. The blades are not an integral part of the rotor, and their design allows for easy assembly and disassembly.


    the natural power

    Technical specification:
    W3-3 1 W5-3 1 W10-3 1 2 W20-3 1
    Swept Area 4,9 m2 9,9 m2 22 m2 42 m2
    Rated power 2,2kW 4,7kW 10kW 20kW
    Maxiumum power 3kW 5kW 11kW 22kW
    Turbine diameter 2,45m 3,5m 5,5m 7m
    Blades' height 2m 2,9m 3,9m 6m
    Start-up speed 1m/s 1m/s 1m/s 1m/s
    Rated Wind Speed 12m/s 12m/s 12m/s 12m/s
    Cut-off speed 25m/s 25m/s 25m/s 25m/s
    RPM max. 234 164 100 82
    Total weight 150kg 560kg 1100kg 1900kg
    Average annual production * 5MWh 10MWh 20MWh 40MWh
    CO2 emission saving ** 3t 6t 12t 24t
    Turbine type Vertical - rotor H Vertical - rotor H Vertical - rotor H Vertical - rotor H
    Three-phase generator PMG 62,4Hz PMG 43,7Hz PMG 27,3Hz PMG 21,8Hz
    Generator voltage 250V 250V 400V 400V
    Transmission Generator on the turbine axis Generator on the turbine axis Generator on the turbine axis Generator on the turbine axis
    Wind turbine material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
    Break Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
    and mechanical
    and mechanical
    Inverter 1-phase efficiency 95% 1-phase efficiency 96% 3-phase efficiency 97% 3-phase efficiency 97%
    Anti-corrosion protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Noise Level Below the norm Below the norm Below the norm Below the norm
    Accordance to the norm CE, ICE 61400-2 CE, ICE 61400-2 CE, ICE 61400-2 CE, ICE 61400-2
  2. Photovoltaic
    How does a photovoltaic system work?

    PV installation and how it works are relatively simple. The production of electricity by photovoltaic panels is made possible by a phenomenon called the photovoltaic effect. This phenomenon is based on the fact that an electromotive force is created in a semiconductor. What does this mean? In the simplest terms, as a result, solar energy is converted into direct current, and this occurs in photovoltaic cells, which consist of solar panels.
    To be able to use the electricity produced by the photovoltaic system, for example in your home or business, you need a solar inverter (inverter). This is a device with the help of which direct current, which was created from solar energy, is converted into alternating current with electrical parameters consistent with those of the public network. This means to the one that is in our electrical sockets.

  3. Low speed generator

    Vivende has developed and put into production a series of slow speed generators 3,5,10,20 kW.

  4. Construction of towers up to 30m

  5. Water aeration equipment

    It is used to reduce unstable elements that may be responsible for creating technological problems. Among the most common are precipitation. Aeration is also used to reduce dissolved gases. Another function is to enrich the water with oxygen, creating ideal conditions for hydrolysis and oxidation. Oxygen in the water also prevents the formation of a reducing environment, which often causes even more noticeable problems with the organoleptic properties of the water, such as taste and smell. Water aeration most often precedes the mechanical filtration process.

  6. Energy storage

    Energy storage is the future of zero-emission energy and the basis of the green transformation faced by the Polish energy sector. Their priority task will be to balance the power system in the conditions of production variability. This is due to the growing share of renewable sources in the National Power System. Thanks to energy storage and pumped storage power plants, which are also electricity storage facilities, it will be possible to balance the demand for electricity with energy produced from wind farms and photovoltaic farms, the production of which depends on weather conditions.

  7. Heating support systems

    Heating support systems (for central heating Emergency power supply for central heating is a device for emergency power supply of, among others: central heating installations (central heating , pumps, controllers, feeders, automatic gates, automation devices)

How to buy our devices:


    At a meeting with a Personal Energy Advisor, you will learn how a wind device works and what benefits it offers. You will also learn about the billing system and other legal aspects resulting from the provisions of the RES Act. You will also learn what savings your device will generate during its work. Our Advisor will carry out an initial on-site visit so that you know at the very beginning what your Ecological installation will look like.


    What counts for us is your safety and the certainty of work execution. We respect it, which is why we guarantee a simple and transparent contract at the very beginning of cooperation. A transparent contract is our standard.


    We will prepare the most advantageous form and terms of financing the proposed devices. More favourable financial conditions than those available on the market! A tailor-made offer, all thanks to the cooperation with many financial partners.


    Before installation, you will receive an installation project - you will see what your Ecological installation will look like and how the works will go.


    We make an appointment with you at a time convenient for you. Our certified installers complete the installation even in one day. On your behalf, we take care of all the formalities in the power plant so that you can focus on the really important things.


    From now on, you can enjoy the savings generated by your Ecological installation, and Vivende will make sure that the savings are increasing by offering energy care. Remember about the Referral Program - just Recommend and Earn!