Services offered:

  1. Start-Up

    We support start-ups - developing and introducing new products to the market. Products and services should be environmentally friendly. Out of concern for environmental aspects, we help to prepare an individual offer

  2. R&D services

    We are your competent and reliable partner for SMEs in the field of research project management. Our team has extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering, computer science, environmental sciences, and chemical engineering. Using this knowledge, we have already successfully completed a number of different research projects, such as: the development of a new type of vertical wind turbines, an IT system for R&D management, a virtual fence, a non-invasive artificial honey collection frame, a platform for use in beekeeping, a new type of generator slow speed.

  3. Cooperation with Science

    We cooperate with Polish and foreign universities. Thanks to this cooperation, we have access to the latest research results and we can apply them in ongoing projects.

  4. Funds and Grants

    Thanks to our experience, we can support companies in the management of research projects, ranging from preparation of a grant application, project coordination, to financial reporting. We have experience in finding appropriate funding schemes for specific ideas and formulating conclusions

  5. Networking

    We run a number of projects built on the basis of consortia. With access to our network of SMEs, industrial companies, interest groups, industry associations, universities and funding institutions, we can build the right project consortium to suit almost any project.

  6. Financial Model

    We create complete business plans. Our models are fully integrated and all advanced calculations are performed automatically. This attached model is fully automatic. We are a company with competences in the field of management accounting, financial accounting, project management, cost optimization and obtaining EU subsidies. Our experience in obtaining EU subsidies allows us to prepare an optimal offer for you and your company.